Why you need one

Building Surveyor & Certification

If you need council approval for your project, you probably need to consult a Building Surveyor first.

Building Surveying is part of every building project, whether this is new construction, alteration, addition or using a building in a different way.

Before you gain council approval for a building permit, you will need specific certifications. We can issue some of these or help you source the right consultant for your project.

Initially, we look at your plans and assess them against the building code. We look at how the building is going to be used to see if it will be compliant.

If your plans meet the code, we are authorised to issue a Certificate of Design Compliance. This is one requirement to gain council approval and progress your project.

In instances where design rework may need to take place, we advise where the issues are and what options you have.

Commercial & Residential

Certificates of Compliance

To ensure your building is built in a way that is safe, liveable and complies with the Building Code of Australia, we inspect the design, construction and building at different stages. It is an important part of the process to avoid costly errors in the future.


Certificate of Design Compliance

Required to be able to obtain a building permit.


Certificate of Construction Compliance

Required to obtain an occupancy permit for a newly completed Class 2 to Class 9 building or part thereof.


Certificate of Building Compliance

Required to obtain an occupancy permit (other than construction compliance requirements), building approval, strata permits.

important things you should know

Questions & Answers

The process from design review to certification of a building can take 4 business days as long as all documentation is completed or submitted.

Yes, we can provide a package for you to gain approval and explain the systems. We do not submit the application on your behalf due to the government fee payable.

We communicate via email and phone about the solutions and compliance for your project. You must review and make some decisions along the way.

We pride ourselves on the personalised service that we offer. Please get in touch and we will provide a quote based on your project needs.

We are a family-oriented business and while we work the full business day, it is best to reach us between 9am and 2pm.

The building process can be a whirlwind. I have been in the industry for 30 years and can use that experience to guide you.

Chadwick is a volunteer firefighter, realistic and understands that a sensible approach is the key.

We can review your project and may be able to save you money and time from the outset.

Helping you gain approvals quickly and smoothly.

Our attention to detail helps reduce design rework and commencement delays as we understand what is required and can advise on cost-effective solutions. Complete our contact form to see how we can help your project become reality.

In the Middle of Building or Buying?

We do building inspections

A building inspection is where we visit the building during construction or before settlement to report on the construction that has taken place and any damage.