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Bushfire Assessment

Bushfire is part of the reality for many property owners who live and work in regional and rural areas of Australia. Here in Western Australia, the potential risks are something we need to plan for, manage and minimise as much as possible.

A Bushfire Assessment on a property you are purchasing or developing is a requirement of many local council authorities. It is undertaken to assess the impact of a Bushfire Event on a building and community. This can identify the measures that are required in construction and management strategies to achieve and balance between bushfire risk and management measures.

We review the surrounding vegetation, project design and location. This is undertaken by working within regulations and guidelines so as to produce:


Bushfire Attack Level

The severity of a building potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame.


Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment

The assessment board surrounding vegetation to determine the potential intensity of bushfire to a particular area.


Bushfire Management Plan

Using the Bushfire Attack Level and Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment, provide management strategies to reduce the bushfire risk.

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As an accredited practitioner with the Bushfire Planning and Design Accreditation Scheme registered with Fire Protection Association Australia and recognised by the Western Australian government, we are qualified to determine Bushfire Attack Levels as well as provide advice and apply appropriate design and construction requirements.